Advice for Businesses in Dealing with the Expanding Coronavirus Events

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Webinar: COVID-19: Employment Update

PH COVID-19 Task Force
On Mar 21, 2020

With the expanding scope of the Coronavirus, employers must navigate a shifting landscape of health and economic issues. In our webinar, we discussed the critical employment law issues our clients need to consider, including strategies for addressing the most pressing questions swiftly and pragmatically, while also preparing for what may come next. 

To review the slides from our webinar, please click here.

Speakers  included:

Elena Baca
Partner, Paul Hastings



Steve Harris
Partner, Paul Hastings



Zachary Hutton
Partner, Paul Hastings



Ira Klein
Associate, Paul Hastings



Carson Sullivan
Partner, Paul Hastings



Kenneth Willner
Partner, Paul Hastings