Tomorrow's Global Business

Our Partnership with the Financial Times

As the cycle of innovation continues to turn and market pressures escalate, business leaders from every industry are facing unique challenges. In partnership with the Financial Times, we have launched an exclusive ongoing series, Tomorrow’s Global Business, which takes a closer look at the topics and trends we see impacting our clients’ global business in the year ahead. Through a series of exclusive events around the world, we will examine how businesses can stay nimble and relevant in today’s changing marketplace.

Our partnership also includes a series of editorial supplements in the Financial Times examining these topics in greater detail. The first supplement explores how tomorrow’s global businesses are raising capital and can be viewed here. The second supplement focuses on emerging economies and the wave of innovative new companies they have produced. It can be viewed here.

Beijing Forum

Our Latest Forum:
China's Champions
in the New Global Economy

Our latest forum co-hosted with the Financial Times, focused on China’s evolving role in the new global economy, and its impact on business models and investment with speakers from Fosun Group, GGV Capital, and more.
London Forum

Our London Forum:
Innovation and Growth
in Challenging Markets

Our forum in London brought Josh Bayliss, CEO of Virgin Group, and Peter Harrison, Head of Investment at Schroders together to discuss how investing in and supporting innovation can transform business models and create new paths to growth within challenging markets.
Silicon Valley Forum

Survival and Growth
in the New Digital Economy

At our first forum under the Tomorrow's Global Business forum series, senior leaders from Morgan Stanley, Dropbox, Adobe, PayPal, and more gathered to share their insights on survival and growth in the new digital economy and how technology has become the pervasive driver of business transformation and strategy.
Emerging Economies

Special Report: Emerging Economies

Our partnership with the Financial Times includes a series of editorial supplements that examine issues and trends impacting global businesses. In the latest supplement, learn more about emerging economies and the wave of innovative new companies they have produced.

Our Partners Perspective: Growth Markets

Capital preservation or growth? The world is full of risks... but also new market opportunities. We help some of the world's most innovative companies overcome the challenges and take advantage of opportunities in the growth markets. Hear from our partners on the issues we see as most critical in the growth markets of Asia and Latin America.

Raising Capital

Special Report: Raising Capital

In a series of special reports published in the Financial Times' print and online editions, we address issues impacting tomorrow's global business. In our latest issue, learn more about raising capital.

Our Partners Perspective: Raising Capital

Competition is intensifying. Technology is game-changing. Regulations are expanding. In these uncertain times, how are you raising the capital needed for growth? Hear from our partners on the issues we see as most critical in the year ahead.

Additional Events

View videos from a few of our past forums co-hosted with the Financial Times held in key markets around the world – from Mexico City to Paris to Seoul.

Mexico City Forum

Top business leaders from Banco de Mexico, Telefonica, IMF, and more gathered in Mexico City at our exclusive forum to share their insights on the impact of Mexico’s reforms and the outlook for international investment in 2015 and beyond.  

Paris Forum

In association with Cercle Montesquieu, our “Art of the Deal” forum assessed the outlook for cross-border mergers and acquisitions as a model for growth and corporate development in an increasingly complex global economy.  

Seoul Forum

Co-sponsored with the Financial Times, KOTRA, and InvestKorea, we brought together senior executives from Korean and multinational organizations to discuss the opportunities and challenges created by the rise in Korean outbound investment.