Tomorrow’s Global Business:
Innovation and Growth in Challenging Markets

Josh Bayliss, CEO of Virgin Group, and Peter Harrison, CEO at Schroders, recently joined us for the latest event in our new thought leadership series with the Financial Times, Tomorrow’s Global Business.

Josh Bayliss

    Peter HarrisonDuring our exclusive forum on Innovation and Growth in Challenging Markets, held in London, these two dynamic corporate leaders shared their insights into how investing in and supporting innovation can transform business models and create new paths to growth. Opening remarks were made by Ronan O’Sullivan, Chair of the Paul Hastings London office.
Josh Bayliss     Peter Harrison      


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Top 5 Insights on Innovation

  • Empower innovators at all levels. Encourage creative thinking, test new ideas, and cross-pollinate innovation throughout your organization.
  • Identify your client’s unmet need. Then seize the opportunity for innovation by devising a better experience to meet that need.
  • Keep disruption alive in your business. Trying to head off disruption is not enough. Harness it as a catalyst for innovation, and become the next disruptor yourself.
  • Value outsiders’ perspectives. Seeking fresh perspectives from outside of your industry can help you identify the next disruptor or trend.
  • Leverage technology. Be mindful of how technology changes the scale and pace at which your company, or the next disruptor, can bring innovative ideas to life.

Our Tomorrow’s Global Business series continues on June 22 when our focus shifts to Asia for a forum in Beijing on China’s evolving role in the new global economy.
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