We hire great people and provide them with opportunities to develop, challenge and broaden their skills while bringing innovative solutions to our clients. Paul Hastings is recognized as a best place to work where the work you do makes a difference.

We are committed to the professional development and advancement of our summer associates. Our summer associate program offers challenging assignments, training and mentoring programs, and networking opportunities to help you launch your career.


As a summer associate, you will receive a variety of substantive and challenging work assignments including pro bono matters. In addition, you will receive spectator assignments, which may include attendance at trials, hearings, depositions, negotiations, arbitrations, client conferences, closings, and other client-related activities. Often, spectator assignments will be integrated with a research and writing assignment.

Work product from each assignment is evaluated by the supervising attorney.  The Recruiting Chair, Department Chairs, Summer Chair, and/or Talent Acquisition staff monitor the overall progress of the summer associates and further review the evaluations.  The assigning attorney on the project provides verbal feedback to the summer associate after completion of the project.  We also encourage summer associates to proactively seek feedback from the attorneys they are working with.  There is a formal mid-summer evaluation and offers for full-time employment are communicated after the conclusion of the summer program.


We provide our summer associates with interactive training through workshops, seminars, classes, presentations, practice area overviews, and general professional development programs.

We recognize that training is a critical component in every attorney’s professional development. Our goal is to provide our attorneys and summer associates with the substantive knowledge, skills, and resources they need to achieve legal excellence.


Summer associates are assigned a paired associate or in some offices a mentor team who help with the transition into the office and serves as a valuable resource to the summer associate providing useful advice when work challenges and questions arise.  Matches are generally based on practice group interest.


Meeting and getting to know our attorneys is one of the most important components of the summer experience. Our attorneys are the foundation of the firm. They come from diverse backgrounds, each contributing to the firms' success. A variety of social events are planned to facilitate attorney interaction on an informal basis – events such as a summer kick-off party, joint office training, dinner parties, community service activities, concerts, and/or sporting events. These events provide excellent opportunities to meet more of our lawyers and for us to get to know you. They also help you learn more about the city in which you are summering.


  • Substantive and challenging work and spectator assignments

  • Training, guidance, and feedback on your work

  • A collaborative work environment with a diverse team

  • Exposure to the Firm’s practice areas

  • Superb writing-skills training and feedback through our firmwide writing program

  • Opportunities to interact with our attorneys at various social events

  • Open doors and the opportunity to ask questions

  • Excellent support staff and services


Will I have a chance to do pro bono work over the summer?

Each of our offices offers opportunities for summer associates to become involved in pro bono work. Those interested in doing such work should inquire about these opportunities with the designated work assignment coordinator. Also, the firm offers a limited number of second-year law students the ability to participate in our Public Interest Split Program. The not-for-profit organization is subject to conflicts clearance and approval by the firm before the start of the summer program. Interested individuals should request consideration for this program at the time of their callback interview.

During the summer program, is there an opportunity to see the firm's attorneys in action and to get a realistic look at what a typical day looks like?

In addition to regular work projects, which will be assigned throughout the summer, the firm offers spectator assignments for summer associates to see what it is like to be a practicing attorney. Our Summer Associates observe and, when possible, assist in trials, hearings, depositions, & negotiations, and participate in client meetings and closings.

How do the summer associates get to know the attorneys?

We offer many opportunities for our summer associates to get to know attorneys throughout the summer. In addition to getting to know attorneys through work assignments, the firm sponsors a variety of social events to encourage interaction. Lunches are also a great way to get to know the attorneys in the office, and we encourage attorneys to take summer associates out for a casual meal during the workday when time permits.

Are summer associates expected to attend every social event even if it means putting work aside to do so?

These events are arranged so that you have the opportunity to socialize with your colleagues and get to know them on a more casual level. Should a work assignment and a firm-sponsored social event present a conflict, you should talk with the Talent Acquisition staff, your mentor, or the work assignment coordinator. Although work takes priority, there may be a way for you to do both. It is important to keep in mind that attending events will enable the firm to get to know you and for you to get to know the firm.

Do summer associates have mentors or advisors?

Each summer associate is assigned a mentor or in some offices a mentor team. We try to match the mentors and summer associates by interests, law school, or some other common criteria. Mentors facilitate the summer associates' integration into the social structure of the firm by arranging for attorneys to take the summer associates to lunch, joining the summer associates at firm functions, acquainting them with our attorneys and staff, and introducing them to the local city area. In addition, mentors assist as counselors, answering any firm-related questions that may arise.

Should all work come from a designated member(s), or can I feel free to take work from anyone?

Each department funnels work through the work assignment coordinator(s). If you have the opportunity to do a project for an attorney, check first with your work assignment coordinator before committing to take on the project. They may have your next project already lined up or may want to give you more variety in assignments.

We encourage summer associates to be flexible and to work on assignments with a variety of attorneys to gain exposure to our practice. While the specific structure varies by office, each system is designed to accomplish this goal. This provides summer associates with an opportunity to make more informed choices about their areas of interest and to demonstrate their ability to various teams.

Does the firm provide training for summer associates?

It is our goal to provide you with comprehensive and extensive training pertinent to your summer experience. The firm's Talent Development department is responsible for the development of programs that provide substantial legal knowledge, practical legal skills, and general management skills. As part of our summer program, you will have the opportunity to attend a variety of training programs. Each office develops a training schedule that may include office-specific, department-specific and global programs for summer associates. Some of the programs focus on deposition skills training, writing/drafting, litigation skills training, transactional skills training, clerkship programs, and client presentations. We want to provide our summer associates, like our attorneys, with all the tools necessary to succeed and achieve their professional goals.

How does the firm evaluate summer associate work and share feedback with summer associates?

The supervising attorneys on each project evaluate summer associate work product. The Recruiting Chair, Department Chairs, Summer Chair, and/or Talent Acquisition staff, who monitor the overall progress of the summer associates, further review the evaluations. The assigning attorney on the project provides verbal feedback to the summer associates after completion of the project. There is also a formal mid-summer evaluation. We also encourage summer associates to proactively seek feedback from the attorneys they are working with.  Offers of full-time employment are communicated after the conclusion of the summer program.

What is the typical number of hours a summer associate is expected to work each week?

Summer associates are expected to be in the office during regular business hours (typically 9:00 am to 6:00 pm). Although there is a budget requirement for our attorneys, there is no set number of hours a summer associate is required to bill.

Do summer associates receive health insurance during the summer?

We suggest that you look into a short-term policy, or if you remain close to campus, investigate the range of student health services provided by your law school. Many schools provide continuing student health coverage over the summer. As a summer associate, your employment is temporary, and, therefore, you are not eligible to receive benefits.

Does the firm provide assistance with child care?

The firm’s backup emergency childcare program is available to summer associates.

Will I be able to take a vacation during my time with Paul Hastings?

Because the summer program is a relatively short period of time, we strongly recommend summer associates schedule vacations either prior to arrival or after departure. If there is a special or unique circumstance, you should make a request for time off during the summer program in advance to the chair of your local summer program.

Will the firm reimburse travel expenses for summer associates?

Yes, the firm will pay for round-trip coach airfare between a summer associate's law school and the office in which he or she will work. If applicable, the firm also will provide round-trip coach airfare for a spouse and children from the city in which the candidate is attending law school to the local office. If summer associates choose to drive from their law school to the office in which they will work, the firm will reimburse for the lesser of round-trip coach airfare or mileage between their law school and the office in which they will work. The firm does not provide housing for summer associates and does not reimburse relocation expenses for summer associates. Please contact the local Talent Acquisition staff for information on how to make your travel arrangements. 

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