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Case Studies in Fintech Intraprenuership and Entrepreneurship - Fearless in Fintech conference

Monday, December 03 4:05 PM PDT to 4:45 PM PDT

Nasdaq MarketSite

4 Times Square

New York , United States of America

To get ahead in today’s fast moving financial technology landscape, leaders always need to be ahead of the game and ready for the next wave of disruption. During two fifteen-minute case studies followed up a Q&A, learn how these innovative leaders are preparing for the unknown, adapting to compete, building influence and gaining resources to execute their strategic vision.

Q&A Moderated by: Sara Weed, Associate Corporate, Paul Hastings LLC

Case Study #1: Entrepreneurship

The entrepreneurial mindset is one which never rests and discovers  unprecedented opportunities at every corner. This is the mindset that is required for financial leaders to succeed. Hear the framework Rachel Carpenter has created for continuously uncovering gaps in the market, driving change and increasing the competition.

Rachel Carpenter, Co-Founder & CEO, Intrinio

Case Study #2: Intraprenuership

As companies are facing the threat of disruption from the outside, many are taking a bold approach to disrupting from within by building a team of intrapreneurs to drive innovation. Using the Build-Measure-Learn feedback loop as a way to develop new products and services with fast iteration and customer insight, even established companies can gain momentum by leveraging these concepts internally throughout their organizations. In this case study, you will discover the pitfalls and keys to success in building an internal innovation lab to drive transformation and create new sustainable sources of growth within a 171 year old insurance company.

Ande Frazier, VP Distribution at Penn Mutual & Head of Vision and Brand at myWorth LLC

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