Future of Work

Disruptors such as artificial intelligence (AI), automation, data aggregation, and social media are impacting employers, employees, claims, and courts—and changing the way we work. As the workplace and trial strategies keep changing, governments and other stakeholders are debating whether to regulate those changes—and how. Understanding these new challenges and setting a strategic course is a business imperative.

Please join us for the second installment of our Paul Hastings Future of Work series. We will examine the following topics together with panelists from AT&T, Finsbury PR, Salesforce, New York State Assembly, MIT, iDiscovery Solutions and UC Berkeley Law School

Elimination of Work – AI Legislation 
Legislative concerns and proposals around AI in the workplace, including worker displacement/retraining and related aspects of intellectual property. 

Dispersion of Work – Employee Data 
California Consumer Privacy Act and other U.S. laws governing employee data – its collection, maintenance, and use. 

Transformation of Litigation – Technology Disruptions 
The effects of evolving technology and social media on the workplace, courts, and trials, forensics and false evidence, and their effects on employment litigation. 

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