It’s Not About The Cards You’re Dealt But How You Play the Game

David Freeman - CEO, The David Freeman Consulting Group

Jennifer S. Baldocchi - Partner, Paul Hastings
Gila Jones - COO, Westbrook Inc.
Amy Lally - Partner, Sidley Austin LLP
Vanessa Ting - Partner, Brand Builder & CPG Operator, CPG Growth Partners

The content of the program will focus on how social media, public relations (writing/lecturing/being quoted) and networking can help to build a brand thus paving the way to become a "go to" advisor. Men have always had a leg up on making their presence known, negotiating for themselves and playing internal politics. Women...not so much. This event will provide thoughtful information on how women can compete, build their brand, market themselves (internally & externally), get business and get what they want.