Pay Equity: Reducing Risks By Taking Action

Wednesday, July 21 04:00 AM BST to 04:00 AM BST

Beginning with the Ledbetter Act in 2009, U.S. employers are facing some of the toughest employment legislation seen in decades. At the same time, headlines have trumpeted employment class actions with massive jury awards and federal agency enforcement actions are on the rise. This perfect storm has left some employers with serious employment-related challenges, particularly as they have slashed workforces and budgets over the last year, and left many wondering: Is our industry a likely target? Are we next?

In this environment of increasing risk, the best defense against becoming the next target is to be proactive. A careful, well-counseled review of your compensation practices and the outcomes of those practices is a critical component of a risk-reduction strategy. Seemingly neutral policies, as implemented, can have unintended consequences and can present costly liability exposure if allowed to go undetected and uncorrected.

Current judicial and legislative developments also serve as a reminder that employment practices liability insurance (EPLI) is an important vehicle for managing employment-related exposure.

Too few organizations have addressed pay equity concerns proactively, instead avoiding or reacting to such threats and, consequently, subjecting themselves to financial losses and damage to their valuable brands. In the new environment, the risks associated with that strategy are escalating, and, not surprisingly, executives and boards are increasingly requesting evidence that effective processes are in place. Such processes need not be overly burdensome and can, in fact, reinforce compensation system priorities.

Join Mercer, Paul Hastings, and Marsh for a free one-hour webcast to learn about:

  • The emerging legal and legislative landscape

  • The types of organizations that are most at risk

  • Pay practices that can lead to trouble

  • Best practices for conducting a pay equity risk assessment

  • How to partner with counsel and experts to implement an effective review process

  • Approaches to remediation, if it is necessary

  • The role of EPLI in mitigating employment-related exposures


Adeola I. AdeleU.S. Employment Practices Liability Product LeaderMarsh, New York, NY

Jon A. GeierPartner, Employment LawPaul Hastings, Chicago, IL

Brian Levine, PhDPrincipal, Human Capital businessMercer, New York, NY

DATETuesday, July 20, 2010

TIME11:00 am PT / 2:00 pm ET

LOCATIONYour Internet-connected computer for the visual and audio

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