The Future of Real Estate Finance: BlockChain, Machine Learning, and IOT

Wednesday, October 18 6:00 PM PDT to 9:00 PM PDT

Paul Hastings, New York City

Please join us for a panel event on the coming trends in technological innovation that will impact and change real estate finance and capital markets forever. The panel includes "C-suite" level professionals from some of the leading firms in their fields who are building the software, technology, and workforces that will power the future of real estate finance.

Topics of discussion:

  • How can Machine Learning optimize the loan origination process

  • How will the Internet of Things change the way we collect underwriting data

  • How can Artificial Intelligence speed up loan processing and portfolio analysis

  • How will Blockchain Technology alter the way we access market data

Moderator:Patrick Janson, Chief Operating Officer, ProDeal360

Panelists:Preeti Adhikary, Chief Operating Officer, FusemachinesBrady Brim-DeForest, Chief Executive Officer, CitrusbyteStephen King, Chief Executive Officer, REXAbhinav Somani, Chief Revenue Officer, LEVERTON

Location:Paul Hastings200 Park AvenueNew York, NY 10166

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