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What Matters is a podcast from the lawyers at Paul Hastings that breaks down the most important legal issues and considers their impact on business and society. Each episode examines topics of interest to lawyers and business executives alike, in a conversational format that is smart, yet easy to follow.

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Episode 14: Paul Hastings Leads Major Pro Bono Effort for Afghan Women with Sisters of Service

After female members of the U.S. military helped 43 Afghan women with whom they had worked leave Afghanistan and get to the United States, the next step was to apply for immigration benefits. Renata Parras, Paul Hastings ESG counsel, created a legal task force to navigate their pathway to resettlement in the United States. In this episode, we talk with two members of the U.S. military, who cofounded the organization Sisters of Service and tell the story of working alongside these Afghan women, the bonds they formed, how they helped these women get out of Afghanistan, and their ongoing efforts to support these women and their families. We also talk with Renata to learn how this major pro bono effort evolved and the legal process for these female heroes as they seek to remain in the United States.


Past episodes


Episode 13: Life Sciences Compliance: A Unique Approach

The Life Sciences Consulting Group at Paul Hastings is a unique offering from a major law firm. Members of the Group work side by side with the firm’s lawyers to provide practical, real world perspectives and operational support in collaboration with the lawyers’ strategic risk management advice—a “one-stop shop” solution for clients’ compliance needs. In this episode, we talk with Consulting Group Leader BJ D’Avella, along with Laura Skinner and Elaina McEwan, Director and Senior Manager, respectively, in the Consulting Group. They share insights into the Consulting Group’s unique value for clients, some client success stories, and their perspectives on the trends and developments life sciences companies should follow in the rest of 2021 and beyond.


Episode 12: U.S. IPOs and SPACs: Opportunities for Growth


Episode 11: ESG Investing – What You Need to Know Today


Episode 10: Protecting IP Rights in the New Frontier of Health Tech (featuring the Berkeley Center for Law & Technology)


Episode 9: Hedge Funds and Other Private Open-End Funds


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