Advice for Businesses in Dealing with the Expanding Coronavirus Events

Public Considerations

March 04, 2020

Scott M. Flicker, Charles A. Patrizia & Holly S. Flynn

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Businesses are an integral part of their communities, and employees and management are members of communities that will be disrupted by events. Businesses should identify potential limitations or restrictions, and assure that they will be good public citizens while addressing the effect of limitations on business.

  • Some countries have already restricted public and private gatherings – what impact would those restrictions have on business and business expectations.

  • Some countries have closed schools – will companies provide flexible leave or other arrangements to assist employees dealing with unexpected childcare issues?

  • Disruptions in business continuity or quarantine arrangements may reduce incomes.

  • Some limitations may be imposed on the number of people within a given space at any time. Consider how those limitations could affect business.

  • Employees will be concerned about commuting arrangements, workplace arrangements.

  • There may be restrictions on expected events – election rallies, public celebrations, or similar events

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