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International Trade Policy in President Obama's Second Term - A Conversation with Scott M. Flicker of the Global Trade Controls Practice

November 26, 2012


The first term of the Obama Administration saw the increasing reliance on economic sanctions as a tool of foreign policy, particularly with respect to Iran, as well as a willingness to continue the Bush Administration’s multi-faceted approach to China. In our latest Podcast, Scott M. Flicker, a Partner in Paul Hastings’ Washington, D.C. office and a leader of the firm’s Global Trade Controls Practice, looks at how international trade policy and agendas might evolve in President Obama’s second term. Of particular focus in this wide-ranging discussion are (i) expected increased enforcement of U.S. economic sanctions, including against non-U.S. companies who continue to do business with Iran; (ii) renewed trade remedy and currency actions against China, while continuing a process of engagement; and (iii) the use of trade policy as a means of supporting emerging democracies in the Middle East and Asia. The next four years promise new opportunities for global companies to continue pursuing new markets and sources of supply, while also presenting significant and complex compliance risks.


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