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2018 Paul Hastings Wellness Program

September 25, 2018


Every year Paul Hastings and our wellness coach Ron Ringlien offer the PH Wellness Program. This program is a great way to receive personal guidance to reach your health and wellness goals.

Interested employee participants create their own individual wellness program under the guidance of Ron. He will work with you to determine realistic, achievable goals based on your personal values and offer you different nutritional and exercise programs to meet your goals. This program is truly driven by you. Ron acts more as an “accountability partner” helping you adjust your steps as necessary.

Each PH Wellness Program is eight months long. The only requirements for remaining in the program are to stay engaged and make an honest effort to progress toward your stated wellness goals. Participating in this program is also confidential.

To enroll in the 2018 PH Wellness Program please contact Benefits-Firmwide or contact Ron directly at ronaldringlien@outlook.com.

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