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June 19, 2018

Benefits Team

Get prepared for Summer with Bright Horizons®

Wow! Summer is approaching already! Now is a good time to secure your childcare arrangements. Whether school is closed for summer break or your caregiver calls in sick, Bright Horizons® has you covered with back-up care. The dilemma of arranging quality summer care for your loved ones can be stressful to many families.

Great news! Bright Horizons® has you covered with back-up childcare at no cost during the month of June.  Schedule center-based on in-home back-up care through the end of June and your copays will be waived for care whenever you’re in a pinch:

  • School is out, but summer camp or other planned care has not yet begun

  • Your regular summer care provider is ill, on vacation or has other commitments

  • There are gaps between camp sessions or other summer activities

Plus, you can now reserve care instantly at select Bright Horizons® centers and a growing number of in-home care providers, making it even easier for you to get the care you need.                                                                  

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