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Personal Umbrella Liability (PUL) Insurance Enrollment Opportunity

September 11, 2017

Andy Arica, Benefits Analyst

Paul Hastings LLP continues to provide you with the opportunity to enroll in Group Personal Excess Liability program, also known as (http://portal/administrative/talentmanagement/benefits/publications/Documents/PUL 2016 Overview.pdf).  Chubb Federal Insurance Company serves as the insurer and Marsh Private Client Services serves as the program manager for our plan.

Group coverage may provide premium savings up to 50% when compared to purchasing the same coverage as an individual.  

Additional benefits include:

  • High limits available from $3 million to $50 million 

  • Coverage for household family members

  • Guaranteed issuance – no individual underwriting 

  • Excess liability coverage beyond your home, automobiles and most other personal liability exposures

  • Coverage for defense costs in addition to the limit of liability 

  • Additional coverage features described in the attached materials 

To elect coverage, complete and return (http://portal/administrative/talentmanagement/benefits/publications/Documents/PUL Enrollment Form 2016-17.pdf) to Marsh no later than September 25, 2017, with a copy to Benefits-Firmwide.  The annual premium for your coverage will be deducted from the first paycheck in October.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Marsh at:

Traci Young
Private Client Advisor
(800) 814-5500 ext:  46343
(http://portal/administrative/talentmanagement/benefits/publications/Lists/AssetsLibrary/Personal Umbrella Liability %28PUL%29 Policy.pdf)
(http://portal/administrative/talentmanagement/benefits/publications/Documents/PUL 2016 Overview.pdf)
(http://portal/administrative/talentmanagement/benefits/publications/Documents/PUL Enrollment Form 2016-17.pdf)

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