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Talk to a Doctor Anytime, Anywhere!

January 10, 2017

Benefits Team

Need to speak to a doctor at 1 am?  The doctors at 

 are available to you 24/7. Whether you are traveling on Firm business or on a family vacation, Teladoc provides you with quality, affordable healthcare, at your fingertips.

  • Convenience: Talk to a doctor anytime and anywhere. Avoid the hassle of sitting in a waiting room. In addition to the medical consultation, Teladoc can call a prescription in to a pharmacy near you. Simply contact Teladoc by calling 800-835-2362, online at

    or use the .

  • Savings: At $40 or less per consultation,

    costs significantly less than urgent care and emergency room visits. Teladoc saves you time by offering medical consultations from the convenience of your home, office or vacation spot (U.S. only).

  • Quality: All Teladoc doctors are board-certified in various practices such as internal medicine, family practice, emergency medicine, and pediatrics.

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  1. Setup your account via phone, the web, or

  2. Complete your medical history

  3. Request a consultation (when needed)

There may be some state-specific restrictions.  See the

website for details.

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