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The Fair Employment and Housing Commission Issues the Long-Awaited Regulations Implementing California's Mandatory Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Law

November 06, 2007

Maria A. Audero and Judith M. Kline

The long-awaited sexual harassment prevention training regulations, entitled Sexual Harassment Training and Education, finally have arrived and are codified at California Code of Regulations (CCR) Section 7288.0. After no less than six drafts (December 16, 2005, June 20, 2006, August 29, 2006, October 2, 2006, February 27, 2007, and March 27, 2007) and months of public comment, the Fair Employment and Housing Commission (FEHC) has finalized and adopted the regulations implementing California Government Code Section 12950.1 (Section 12950.1), also known as A.B. 1825, the 2004 statute that mandates biennial and continual sexual harassment prevention training for supervisors of employers with fifty or more employees.

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