The Guide to Restructuring

Edited by Joy K Gallup and Michael L Fitzgerald

The Guide to Restructuring, edited by Joy K Gallup and Michael L Fitzgerald, highlights industry trends and provides the tools needed to navigate the current state of the market. Published by Latin Lawyer, the guide contains the knowledge and experience of leading practitioners throughout the region and across disciplines. The Introduction was co-authored by Joy K Gallup and Michael L Fitzgerald.

In addition, Partners Pedro Jimenez and Joy K. Gallup have written an article titled, Chapter 4, "Chapter 11 as a Restructuring Option for Latin American Countries."

Each of the Introduction and Chapter 4 is an extract from the first edition of Latin Lawyer’s The Guide to Restructuring. The whole publication is available at

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Image: Pedro A. Jimenez
Pedro A. Jimenez

Partner, Corporate Department