FibraHotel Issues International Equity Offering

September 15, 2017

New York – Paul Hastings LLP, a leading global law firm, represented Goldman Sachs, Evercore, UBS and BBVA as initial purchasers in connection with FibraHotel’s $220 million international follow-on equity offering.

FibraHotel was the first lodging and first sector-specific Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) in Latin America and was among the first Mexican REITS to be utilized in the wake of a comprehensive legal overhaul in Mexico that created the equivalent of the U.S. REIT.

 The several-times oversubscribed offering is the first international equity offering of a FIBRA in 2017 and involved the issuance of approximately US$220 million in FibraHotel’s stock publicly on the Mexican Stock Exchange and internationally pursuant to Rule 144A and Regulation S.

Paul Hastings also represented the underwriters in FibraHotel’s successful IPO in 2012 and follow-on offering in 2013.  FibraHotel’s IPO transformed the Mexican lodging industry, as it represented the first use of the FIBRA investment vehicle in the Mexican lodging sector and has served as a model for other companies seeking to create hotel-focused FIBRAs.  Paul Hastings attorneys, using their strong real estate and Latin American franchises, have worked on almost all of the international FIBRA transactions concluded to date.

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and led the Paul Hastings team, which also included partner , associates and and foreign associates Jorge Garduno and Rodrigo Guaida.

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