The Recorder Recognizes Paul Hastings’s Yar Chaikovsky and Philip Ou as California Trailblazers

June 25, 2019

Palo Alto – The Recorder has named

and to its inaugural list of California Trailblazers, which honor innovators and thought leaders who have made significant marks on the practice, policy, and technological advancement of their practice.

Yar Chaikovsky and Philip Ou were noted for having not only successfully defended clients against patent assertion entities, who scoop up patents to file infringement lawsuits, but also for aggressively pursuing the reimbursement of attorney’s fees after winning litigation.

The Recorder reported on victories for HTC, resulting in the invalidation of more than 360 patent claims asserted by Virginia Innovation Sciences, and for Trend Micro, which invalidated patents asserted by Intellectual Ventures (IV). In 2018, Chaikovsky and Ou concluded eight years of high stakes patent litigation, after U.S. District Judge Leonard Stark ordered IV to reimburse Trend Micro for its legal fees in the amount of $444,051, a rare instance of Judge Stark finding a case “exceptional” under the Supreme Court’s standard for fee shifting in patent litigation.

Philip Ou said obtaining attorney’s fees is “very judge-dependent,” with some judges inclined never to award fees, regardless of how frivolous a case was. Yar Chaikovsky says he and Ou will continue to “chip away so that others, hopefully, are driven away from thinking about suing in the first place.”

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The Paul Hastings Technology Intellectual Property practice has regularly received industry honors, including:

  • The firm was ranked Nationwide in IAM Patent 1000 and regarded as one of the most sophisticated patent litigation practices in the United States.

  • The firm was shortlisted by Benchmark Litigation for "California - Intellectual Property Litigation Firm of the Year."

  • Yar Chaikovsky was named to Benchmark Litigation’s "Silicon Valley Attorney of the Year" Short List.

  • The firm was named American Lawyer’s Transatlantic IP Team of the Year.

  • Yar Chaikovsky was named by Law360 as an Appellate MVP for high-profile patent wins on behalf of Trend Micro and HTC.

  • The Daily Journal named Yar Chaikovsky to its list of Top IP Lawyers in California.

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