Paul Hastings Launches Equitable Education Fund to Invest in Underserved K-12 Schools

December 17, 2020

Paul Hastings LLP, a leading global law firm, has launched another significant contribution in the firm’s efforts to drive meaningful social and racial change in its communities. 

Paul Hastings has committed $10 million in funding and pro-bono/volunteer time over the next five years to address inequality in primary and secondary education for students of color, including the creation of the new Equitable Education Fund (EEF). The fund will award strategic grants to educational establishments addressing inequality. Alongside the fund, Paul Hastings will also increase its pro bono efforts, volunteer time and charitable contributions to help underserved schools in its communities.

The EEF launches with a U.S. pilot program that will be open to grant proposals from K-12 public, private, or charter schools in traditionally underserved communities for:

  • Programming and curriculum that addresses gaps in students’ learning

  • Innovative solutions to presenting curriculum in a virtual environment

More information on the EEF can be found here:


The EEF is the latest of the initiatives that Paul Hastings announced on Juneteenth to address issues of racial inequality and social injustice, including:

  • A Paid Volunteer Day

    • To give everyone the opportunity to fight against inequality in their own personal way, Paul Hastings has granted attorneys and staff one day of paid volunteer time to support local and national organizations fighting for change. Many Paul Hastings lawyers and staff have already used their paid volunteer day for important causes including voter protection around Election Day and other causes.

  • Pro Bono Commitment of at least $7 Million to End Racial Injustice

    • Paul Hastings pledged l

      egal and financial support to charitable organizations focused on ending racial injustice in America. As of November 30, our lawyers have performed almost $4 million of the $7 million commitment.


  • PH Racial Equality Fund supporting


    three organizations leading the fight for equality with over $150,000 in contributions and matching funds, including:


    • Equal Justice Initiative

       is committed to ending mass incarceration and racially imbalanced punishment in the United States, to challenging racial and economic injustice, and to protecting basic human rights for the most vulnerable people in American society.


    • Center for Policing Equity

       aims to provide leadership in equity through excellence in research. Their mission is a deep concern for equity and inclusiveness within the police department itself and between the police departments and the communities they serve.


    • Brennan Center for Justice Voting Rights Project

       is an independent, nonpartisan law and policy organization that works to reform, revitalize, and when necessary, defend our country's systems of democracy and justice. Their Voting Rights reforms are modernizing American elections, working to ensure that voting is free, fair, and easy.

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