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Ninth Circuit Issues Important Case Interpreting Article III Requirements in Statutory Rights Cases
Today, the Ninth Circuit issued a decision that may have broad-reaching impact on litigation strategies in those cases. In Robins v. Spokeo, Inc., Case. No. 11-56843 (February 4, 2014), the Ninth Circuit held that in most circumstances, the allegation of a statutory violation will alone satisfy Article III’s pleading-stage standing requirement.
The Ordinary Course: A Look at Privacy Law Developments in the Google Cases
The Northern District of California is trying to untangle whether the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA) applies to behavioral advertising, and the results so far have been mixed. Companies that rely on revenue from targeted advertising to support their business model should take notice, because the outcomes of these two cases could have a big effect on privacy lawsuits.
Recent Song-Beverly Act Cases Highlight Divide Between Online and Offline Commerce
Since the California Supreme Court issued its highly-anticipated Song-Beverly Credit Card Act decision in February of this year, Apple v. Superior Court (Krescent), various courts in California have had the opportunity to apply Apple to Song-Beverly cases involving e-commerce issues.
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