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“Expectorating” the Shell Doesn’t Spit Out the Liability
Every once in a while you can envision a judge smiling as he writes an opinion – either because the facts are interesting or because the issues provide an opportunity to spin a phrase that is just too good to pass up. Judge Silverman’s decision yesterday for the Ninth Circuit in Lilly v. ConAgra Foods, Inc., Case No. 12-55921, is one of those opinions.
For Some Disease and Health-Related Claims, Two Trials Is Too Much, Says FTC Commissioner
Perhaps one of the most controversial changes in approach at the Federal Trade Commission in recent years has been the agency’s requirements for disease and health-related claims. Now there appears to be some dissent within the agency itself.
EU On Data Privacy: One Tough Cookie
While US law has taken a very permissive approach to cookies – generally allowing their use absent nefarious purpose – the EU has taken a strikingly different approach which focuses on user consent.
California Gives its Teens the Right to Be Forgotten
California recently became the first state to enact legislation to provide web users under the age of 18 with the right to delete or remove content they have posted online. The law – entitled the Privacy Rights for California Minors in the Digital World – will take effect on January 1, 2015.
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