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Welcome to Caveat Vendor! What are we about? Most are familiar with the venerable Latin axiom, “caveat emptor” – let the buyer beware. Well, in today's world, the advertising and marketing of goods and services is no longer a free-for-all. Laws and regulations address what sellers can say and do, to whom, when and how – and what they can do with the information they collect.

This blog intends to focus on false advertising and consumer deception; social media issues; consumer financial services; affiliate, telemarketing, and other marketing activities; and gaming, promotions, and sweepstakes. We will comment on noteworthy developments in class and other litigation, in Congress, at the Federal Trade Commission and other federal agencies and with state attorneys general.

We hope you enjoy and learn from our blog – and please post your comments and feedback.

(N.B. And, in case you are wondering, yes, we know the proper Latin phrase would be "Caveat Venditor." Two years of middle-school Latin has taught your managing editor that much. But "Caveat Vendor" is much catchier, don't you think? In any event, the English language is all about finding new words and phrases to express intended meanings in colorful and efficient ways, and a blog provides frustrated lawyers with far more room for creativity than the typical legal brief or memorandum. Chalk this up as our contribution to our evolving tongue or, if you disapprove, please forgive our literary license. Either way, we hope you enjoy our blog.)