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Supreme Court Says Federal Courts Not So Easily Avoided In Class Cases
The Supreme Court yesterday settled a circuit split over whether plaintiffs bringing class actions could escape federal jurisdiction under the Class Action Fairness Act (CAFA) by stipulation.
Sports Bettors Can Start Fantasizing: New Jersey to Allow Fantasy Sports Betting at Casinos
The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE) announced yesterday the temporary adoption of regulations permitting Atlantic City casinos to offer fantasy sports tournaments. The regulations will take effect on April 22 and will remain in effect for 270 days, during which time the Division will follow procedures to adopt them formally.
Do you have a right to privacy in your address?
When it comes to privacy, we know that the home is a sacred space. But is your address sacred as well? How about your ZIP code? Recent litigation in Massachusetts, California, and Pennsylvania is signaling that the answer to that question may depend on where you live.
Can There Be Too Much Notice? House of Representatives Says Yes.
Earlier this week, the House passed by voice vote a bill to amend the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act to provide an exception to the annual privacy notice requirement.
FTC Revises Its Guide To Dot Com Disclosures
On Tuesday, the Federal Trade Commission released revised guidance concerning “.com Disclosures” – principles that the FTC wants to see embodied in disclosures in digital advertising. These revisions come approximately thirteen years after FTC released its first guidance related to online disclosures, and the updated guidance covers issues many advertisers have confronted in recent years, including how to make appropriate disclosures when operating on social media platforms or when digital content appears on smartphones or tablets with small display screens.
Digital Privacy Reform: Bipartisan Legislation Introduced in the House
Loyal blog readers may recall that we promised to keep you advised of the progress of efforts to revise federal laws addressing digital privacy. Well, we have an update.
Employers, Employees and Social Media
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FTC Issues Privacy and Security Recommendations for Mobile Payments Industry
On Friday, the Federal Trade Commission released a staff report examining the growing use of mobile payments and offering recommendations for the industry. The recommendations related to three areas of particular concern: dispute resolution, data security and privacy.
Online Privacy Reform: More Talk & Promises of Action
House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., recently revived the legislative debate over much needed reforms to the outdated Electronic Communications Privacy Act (“ECPA”) – the primary federal statute governing the privacy of emails and social media content. The ECPA, passed in 1986, has been widely criticized for its inconsistent standards on the protection afforded to emails and other documents. Congressman Goodlatte announced plans to make revising the ECPA a priority for his committee this term.
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