International Regulatory & Enforcement

Whistleblowing Within the European Union: A Path Forward a Greater Protection

The European Parliament approved new rules aiming at protecting whistleblowers within the European legal space.

“Whistleblowers” are individuals—generally, employees, but also self-employed persons, shareholders, volunteers, trainees, contractors, or even someone going for a job interview—who, in the context of their work-based relationship, come across information about wrongdoings (regarding, for instance, fraud, tax evasion, corruption, etc.) and that they decide to report.

Recent scandals—such as the Dieselgate, LuxLeaks, Panama Papers, and Cambridge Analytica—have highlighted the key role played by whistleblowers in disclosing illicit activities.

  • A new uniform standard of protection for whistleblowers.
  • A set of reporting mechanisms and specific protective measures.

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