PH Money Matters: This Week in Washington

This Week in Washington for July 17, 2017
Senate Republicans successfully argued before the parliamentarian that a House-passed healthcare overhaul reconciliation bill can be taken up and amended in the Senate this week.
This Week in Washington for July 3, 2017
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) delayed the vote on the Senate’s version of Obamacare repeal, saying that he wants to make changes and get a new score from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO). The current CBO score finds that the bill would cause 22 million Americans to lose health coverage and several moderate and conservative Republicans defected, saying that they would vote against the bill.
This Week in Washington for June 26, 2017
Republicans retained the two open seats on June 20, one in Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District and the other in South Carolina’s Fifth. The race in Georgia was a heated one, with Democrats hopeful they may eke out a victory in the heavily Republican district, but they fell short with Republican Karen Handel taking 51.9 percent of the vote and Democrat Jon Ossoff earning 48.1. Many are saying that this is a wake-up call for Democrats, and that they need to come up with a better platform than simply “we’re not Trump.”
This Week in Washington for June 19, 2017
Washington was rocked after gunman opened fire at the Republican congressional baseball team’s practice on June 14, striking four people, including Representative Steve Scalise. The tragedy shocked Republicans and Democrats and united the parties in anguish, with Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) saying “for all the noise and all the fury, we are one family.”
This Week in Washington for June 12, 2017
Former FBI Director James Comey testified on June 8th before the Senate Intelligence Committee. Comey disavowed the notion that he was fired because the FBI was in disarray and poorly led: “Those were lies, plain and simple.” He said that he thought he was fired as an effort to hinder the FBI’s investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election. Comey also said that the President asked him several times to drop the investigation into former national security adviser Michael Flynn, and Comey said that he refused to do so. He said that it was up to special counsel Robert Mueller whether that amounted to obstruction of justice.
This Week in Washington for June 5, 2017
Neither the House nor the Senate was in session last week. Both chambers will return this week and will be in session for the rest of June and most of July, with the exception of the Fourth of July holiday week. This likely will be the busiest period for the 115th Congress, as it is the first year after an election and Congress is working with a new administration that is eager to address its priorities. Both chambers will be in recess during the month of August and things will likely slow down after that, other than addressing the impending debt ceiling.
This Week in Washington for May 30, 2017
On May 23rd, President Trump released his budget, which will serve as the starting point for negotiations with Congress. The budget proposal slashes social programs by more than $1T over 10 years, which includes large cuts to Medicaid, food stamps, and welfare programs. Domestic discretionary spending would be capped at $429B per year, below 2004 levels, while military spending would rise to $722B per year.
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