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P5+1 Negotiations with Iran - June 19 Update
Diplomats familiar with negotiations in Vienna remain optimistic about a final deal being reached because of political pressure on both sides to complete an agreement.
P5+1 Negotiations with Iran - June 18 Update
Talks continued today in Vienna as two of Iran’s deputy foreign ministers met with E.U. deputy foreign policy chief Helga Schmid.
P5+1 Negotiations with Iran - June 17 Update
Two diplomats told the Associated Press this morning before negotiations reconvened in Vienna that Iran and the P5+1 remain apart on all main elements of a nuclear deal and will likely need to extend negotiations past the June 30 deadline.
P5+1 Negotiations with Iran - June 16 Update
In her testimony today before the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, U.N. Ambassador Samantha Power insisted that Obama administration negotiators would (1) reject any deal that fails to ensure access to Iran military sites, (2) only agree to roll back sanctions in phases based on Iran meeting certain nuclear benchmarks, and (3) ensure that multilateral sanctions can immediately snap back into place without Russian and Chinese support if Iran breaches any part of the deal.
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