Bank Consumer Class Actions Teleconference media type

Topics of discussion in this complimentary 60-minute teleconference included:

  • New State Involvement: What is the likelihood that banks will be subject routinely to federal and state investigations, and how can you prepare for it?
  • Simultaneous Litigation and Investigation: What is the prospect of regulators launching informal inquiries into matters that are already the subject of litigation?
  • Undermining the Finality of Settlements: Why is it unlikely that a litigation settlement will end a dispute with regulators?
  • Challenged on Multiple Fronts: How can you proactively address the increased risk that will come from class action suits, including simultaneous investigation by federal bank regulators, the CFPB, and state attorneys general?
  • Strategy: How can you best develop a long-term strategy that navigates the new complex regulatory hurdles arising from multi-jurisdiction consumer class actions?


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