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Kelli A. Way

Senior Employment Analyst


电话: 1(213) 683-5570
传真: 1(213) 627-0705


Kelli Way is an Employment Analyst in the Los Angeles office. Ms. Way specializes in analyzing every type of employment data, including HRIS, timekeeping, and payroll data. She regularly prepares basic descriptive statistics, damages analyses, and exposure estimates for single-plaintiff and class action cases. She has prepared analyses of timekeeping data for a wide variety of alleged wage and hour violations, including missed, late, or short meal periods, missed rest periods, off-the-clock time, rounding issues, and overtime calculations.



In addition, she is familiar with payroll data and has prepared analyses of overtime payments, late payments, and regular rate calculations. She regularly assists clients to prepare data for DOL, OFCCP, and DLSE audits. She also has more than seven years of experience in analyzing employment actions (hires, promotions, and terminations) and compensation for potential adverse impact and statistically significant disparities, including multiple regression and cohort analyses. Ms. Way has contributed to many successful outcomes by preparing visually compelling charts and graphs demonstrating strategic defenses based on timekeeping data and/or the results of blitz interviews.

In the last year, Ms. Way prepared an analysis of timekeeping data for approximately 6,700 FTE's over a 4-year period (approximately 1,500,000 shifts), including missed and late meal periods, off-the-clock time, interest, and California Labor Code violation penalties. She prepared two major hiring analyses, each with approximately 5,000 hires. She also managed the database for an individual settlement program with multiple facets for a putative class of over 2,000 employees.

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Employment Law