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Future of Work Series ("FoW")

May 17, 2021

Employment Law Group

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Disruptors such as a global pandemic, artificial intelligence (AI), digitalization, automation, data, and social media are impacting employers, employees, claims, and courts – and reimagining the way we work. Since 2019, when our Employment lawyer launched the inaugural FoW program, we have been collaborating with clients and recognized thought leaders to provide the strategic advice and innovative legal services necessary to help employers minimize litigation risk through effective workplace strategies.

Key topics covered to date include:

Return to Work

  • Preparing the workplace - Discussion of evolving government orders and aligning workplace safety with productivity

  • Preparing for employee reintroduction - Legal issues presented with employee reentry to a central workplace

  • Preparing for unique claims - Consider potential theories of liability presented by COVID-19 and the return to work

Employee Activism in the Workplace

  • Recent methods used by activist employees, explore legal protections afforded to employee speech, and offer a framework for analyzing whether activism is legally protected

Affirmative Action, Diversity Goals, and Associated Legal Risks

  • Explain the legal basis for affirmative action, how it fits with employer efforts to establish diversity goals, and the associated legal risks of doing so

Diversity & Inclusion

  • Effective strategies for companies as they strive to operationalize diversity and inclusion


Past Representatives

Over the course of our highly successful series, we were joined by representatives from:

  • AT&T

  • Brighter Strategies LLC  

  • Colden Corporation

  • DocuSign

  • ESPN

  • Finsbury PR

  • Global Media and Entertainment 

  • Governor Gavin Newsom’s Office of Business and Economic Development

  • iDiscovery Solutions

  • MIT Geopolitics and Artificial Intelligence World Project

  • New York Law School

  • New York State Assembly

  • Pierre Marie Curie University

  • QuantumBlack, a McKinsey Co.

  • Salesforce

  • ServiceMax

  • Toyota North America

  • UC Berkeley Law School


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