What to Expect in 2021: The U.S.-China National Security and Trade Relationship Under the Biden Administration – A Briefing for Our Clients

Tuesday, February 02 8:00 PM EDT to 9:00 PM EDT


The administration of U.S. President Joseph R. Biden begins at a critical juncture in U.S.-China relations.  The past four years has seen an unprecedented rise in sanctions and related enforcement actions by the U.S. against Chinese companies, and the Chinese government has responded with significant measures of its own, with the aim of deterring further U.S. action.  All of this has posed enormous challenges for those who do business in the region, with even experienced companies and their advisors struggling to keep up with the ever-changing regulatory landscape. 

The Trump Administration closed with a flurry of new measures seeking to restrict trade and investment involving China and Chinese companies.  While it is widely expected that the Biden Administration will not adopt an equally aggressive posture, it is not realistic to expect that the actions of the prior administration will be reversed quickly or completely.  But there certainly will be changes.  It is essential for Asian companies to be prepared for the impact of these changes on the way their business is conducted.

Join Paul Hastings as our experienced practitioners discuss what to expect in terms of trade and investment trends and priorities that will drive China policy in the Biden Administration, and how Asian companies can best prepare for what is to come.

Topics Include:

Recent China-Focused Actions by the Trump Administration and What to Expect in the Biden Administration

  • Export Controls and Entity List Expansions
  • “Communist Chinese Military Company” Investment Restrictions
  • Restrictions on the “Information and Communications Technology” Supply Chain
  • CFIUS Focus on “Non-Notified” Transactions
  • IP Enforcement and Investigations

Recent Actions by the Chinese Government in Response to U.S. Initiatives

  • The Unreliable Entity List
  • MOFCOM Blocking Statute

Recommendations and Best Practices for Companies


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