Paul Hastings stands firm in the belief that racism, discrimination and prejudice of any kind have no place in our society.

As a multi-cultural Firm, we are committed to ensuring that diversity and equality are a cornerstone of our workplace and communities. We are committed to fostering an environment in which we listen, hear and care for each other. We must stand together.

We are a leading global law firm, pre-eminent in cross-border transactions and solving complex legal problems.

We focus on the business issues our clients care about most – those that have the greatest impact on their success. Clients trust us to provide creative, business-savvy solutions, underpinned by exceptional client service – delivered globally.

Our winning approach is anchored in our culture of collaboration and collegiality, and in always harnessing the insights of our diverse team to get to the best solutions. We attract and promote extraordinary talent – preeminent partners in their fields who are energetic, dynamic, and who share our commitment to our clients.

We pride ourselves on the strong relationships we develop with our clients. We invest time in understanding their businesses and what it takes to make them even more successful. In working so closely with our clients and their advisors, we become an integral part of their team, entrusted with their biggest opportunities and challenges.

We have a strong presence throughout Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the U.S. In London, we have more than 100 English and US qualified lawyers serving the world’s leading financial services organisations, including private equity and funds, as well as multinational corporates.

In the past five years, the London office has more than doubled in both head count and revenue, and plans to build on that success with further growth in size, revenues and per partner profits. The office continues to expand its reach in our core business areas with the strategic hire of exceptional partner talent.


Arun K. Birla
Second Managing Partner

LGBT Rights in Trinidad & Tobago – Paul Hastings assisted Trinidad-born, UK-based LGBT activist Jason in his historic and successful human rights constitutional challenge against the Attorney General and Government of Trinidad & Tobago, to remove sections 13 & 16 of the Sexual Offences Act criminalising adult consensual same sex relationships. The case and associated publicity has been instrumental in providing encouragement to millions worldwide by supporting and promoting LGBT rights. The case has already been cited in the Indian Supreme Court in the similar successful case there (ruling of 6 September 2018).

Cleary Social Angels - Clearly Social Angels is the UK's leading network of high-net-worth individuals and families dedicated to impact investment into businesses that create positive social and environmental change. CSA members meet, learn, collaborate, and co-invest in the most impactful and investible businesses solving the world's biggest problems. CSA angels meet every two months to discover and invest into enterprises with compelling and innovative solutions to social and environmental problems that need capital and guidance to catalyse their growth. Paul Hastings lawyers qualified in the United States and England & Wales provide organisational and legal advice to CSA and the angel investors.

Youth Justice Legal Centre - Paul Hastings has developed a collaborative partnership with the Youth Justice Legal Centre (YJLC) part of Just for Kids Law (JFKL), a leading UK charity that works to transform young lives through the rule of law and child-centred advocacy. Children and young people often need more than legal representation – they also need support and advocacy to address the issues that had led them into the youth justice system in the first place – school exclusion and a lack of support for children with special education needs, children with mental health issues, children in the care system who were not receiving support, and children with housing problems. They deserve to have their voices heard and valued.

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