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Art Law Lunch Talk: Demystifying Art Funds by Center for Art Law

Tuesday, June 22 12:00 PM EDT to 1:00 PM EDT

Virtual Conference

Christian Parker, partner in the London office of Paul Hastings, and Kassia Lewis-Deboos, a lawyer in the London office, are participating in this art law lunch talk hosted by the Center for Art Law on Tuesday 22 June.

Christian is joined by Freda Isingoma, founder and CEO of KIISA LLC, and moderator Irina Tarsis, Founder and Managing Director of the Center for Art Law, to discuss art funds, questions surrounding them, and their role in the broader global art world.

About this event

Over the past decade, fine art has proven itself to be a viable non-traditional asset, and as a result, the number of art investment funds has surged, to enable investors to acquire artworks and to grow their portfolio of investments.

This event will touch on the following topics: What is an art fund? How are art funds established, structured, and managed? And why invest in art?

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