Fireside Chat: Gibraltar introduces flexible and modern legislation for Investment Funds

Wednesday, November 25 2:00 PM BST to 3:00 PM BST


Hear from the experts who wrote the law and its benefits for the global investment funds industry

Following the modernisation of Gibraltar’s Limited Partnership Law, published by Her Majesty’s Government of Gibraltar, lawyers Diala Minott and Jonathan Garcia will be explaining the new legislation and its appeal to fund managers, during this online webinar.

Fit-for-purpose, flexible, and in-keeping with Gibraltar’s favourable tax system and ‘right-touch not light-touch’ regulation, the new legislation serves as another reason for many global entities to consider Gibraltar as the perfect location for the investment funds industry.

Diala and Jonathan were integral to the development of the legislation, which resulted from a survey of multi-strategy credit structuring solutions. The Act will repeal the existing Limited Partnerships Act 1927, paving the way for significant modernisation, as well as restating previous rules for the sector.

With thanks to GFIA (Gibraltar Funds & Investments Association) for organising this webinar.

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