Land Use

Successfully navigating the complex array of legal issues impacting land use and development requires sophisticated, cross-disciplinary advice. We can help.

Integrated Land Use Counsel

Our team brings together leading land use lawyers with wide-ranging experience in planning and permitting, regulatory and environmental issues, financing, real estate development, and dispute resolution.

Together, we guide owners, developers, and investors through the many complex local, state, and federal regulations affecting land development and real estate transactions.

An Innovative Approach

  • Our land use lawyers have litigated matters at the state and federal levels, including before the U.S. Supreme Court.

  • Our strong relationships with key government agencies and regulatory bodies help us efficiently resolve issues and keep our clients’ land use projects moving forward.

  • We have pioneered innovative techniques for public and private clients in development, land systems, and litigation.

  • Our experience includes handling a significant number of major land use matters in California, which has especially intricate land use and environmental protection laws that require strong local legal representation to navigate.

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