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This is the third post in our series, following posts on Governance and Policies and Procedures, and it will focus on spreading awareness through Training and Education.  Providing effective training and education to employees, officers, directors,...
Grouping a number of national anti-corruption agencies, the Network of Corruption Prevention Authorities (“NCPA”), which was launched in October 2018 within the Framework of the Council of Europe, is becoming more visible and active. ...
For nearly a year, there has been rapid progress toward an EU requirement that companies doing business in the EU conduct broad human rights due diligence across their operations and value chains....
February 12, 2021
U.S. Reimposes Sanctions on Myanmar (Burma) in Response to Military Coup
By Tom Best, Scott Flicker, Quinn Dang, Talya Hutchison, Rachel Miller
Following up on its initial immediate condemnation of the February 1, 2021 military coup in Myanmar,[1] the Biden Administration this week unveiled four actions comprising the first significant restrictions imposed on the country since the lifting...

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