A “Vigilante” of International Arbitration

June 26, 2024

Paul Hastings’ Global Co-Chair of International Arbitration Jonathan C. Hamilton, is coined in UVA Lawyer magazine as a “’Vigilante’ of International Arbitration. This piece highlights how his leadership as editor-in-chief of the Virginia Journal of International Law (VJIL), the oldest continuously-published student journal of international law, shaped his path to resolving high-profile disputes worldwide. It highlights the relationship between globalization trends and the emergence of international disputes. It also underscores the central role of collaboration and diversity to Hamilton's journey through a dynamic, globally-focused legal career.

As the article highlights, his work has “taken him around the world” on cases spanning major sectors such as infrastructure and energy. “Infrastructure can have a tremendously positive impact on job creation and economic development,” Hamilton said. “Building a massive airport creates a lot of jobs and a lot of technology-transfer, but it also creates a big economic impact.” 

“Usually, the decision-makers you’re in front of are all from different parts of the world, so you have to take into account that you may have someone from Europe, someone from Asia, someone from the Americas, and they each have been shaped by their own cultural and legal backgrounds,” Hamilton said. “You have to take that into account in how you analyze and present information, how you work with witnesses and experts, even the tone and approach of how you ask questions in a cross-examination.”

The full article is available HERE.

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