In today’s ever-evolving global marketplace, clients need experienced counsel to help them navigate the application and execution of derivative products to achieve their hedging and capital raising objectives. We can help.

A Leading Global Derivatives Practice

We are a collective of highly skilled, globally recognized corporate, tax, and regulatory advisors and litigators who provide end-to-end, top-shelf derivatives advice to our clients. We pride ourselves in delivering sophisticated, innovative, and practical-minded legal services and solutions to our clients and in our ability to effect seamless execution of derivatives transactions.

Our transactional lawyers advise clients, ranging from major financial institutions and corporations to a variety of funds and high-net-worth individuals, on the structuring, negotiation, and documentation of equity, interest rate, currency, and commodity derivatives, as well as prime brokerage platforms.

Our experienced regulatory advisors and government investigations and enforcement practitioners advise clients on navigating the ever-evolving derivatives regulatory landscape and in responding to inquiries from the government, including the DOJ, CFTC, SEC, FERC, and FTC, and other quasi-regulatory entities.

Providing Solutions with a Highly Integrated Approach

  • Our team advises clients on accelerated share repurchases, registered forwards, and derivatives, such as issuer call spreads and capped calls 

    that are entered into by corporate issuers in conjunction with convertible debt offerings.

  • We advise on margin loans secured with different types of securities, including common stock, convertible securities, and exchangeable securities.

  • We advise on equity hedging and monetization transactions, such as collars, prepaid forwards, collar plus loans, put options, and put spreads linked to single name equity securities or baskets of securities.

  • We advise on total return swaps, options, and forwards on equity securities and loan portfolios.

  • We advise on prime brokerage documentation and repo agreements.

  • We are a market leader in assisting clients in establishing interest rate hedges and FX hedges in bank financing, LBO deals, and M&A transactions, as well as part of clients’ ongoing cash management programs.

  • We are at the forefront of the Fintech space, regularly advising clients on the applicability and implications of the securities and commodities laws upon emerging products that may involve derivatives.

  • We represent clients in responding to governmental and quasi-governmental inquiries and investigations, including those conducted by the DOJ, CFTC, FERC, FTC, and SEC.