PH Fintech IPO Bootcamp

The PH Fintech IPO Bootcamp provides a deep-dive for Fintech in-house counsel on the special technical and practical considerations to be taken into account while preparing a Fintech to successfully execute an IPO.  This three-part series will guide a cohort of 8-10 general counsels on IPO execution, and will culminate in an Advisor Summit.  We anticipate the PH Fintech IPO Bootcamp will facilitate the creation of a support network of similarly situated in-house counsel as they proceed down the path to bringing their company public.

Topics will include:

  • What companies should be thinking about in the 12-15 months prior to starting the IPO process, including Fintech regulatory approvals, if necessary;
  • How to engage with third party independent public accountants, and what to expect from a financial statement and financial modeling perspective;
  • Disclosure controls and procedures / SOX compliance overview;
  • The IPO timeline and process overview, including how to navigate the accompanying Fintech regulatory overlay;
  • IPO disclosure and back-up overview;
  • Special issues in guiding Fintechs through underwriter acceptance and the SEC review process;
  • IPO-related executive compensation matters;
  • What to expect as a public company from a corporate governance, SEC reporting and disclosure perspective;
  • Investment banking insights; and
  • Much, much more.

Sessions will be held on zoom and in-person in our San Francisco office. Contact Eric Sibbitt for more information.

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