Paul Hastings Plans to Launch PH Fintech Regulatory Accelerator and Fintech IPO Bootcamp in Early 2024

Fintech Regulatory Accelerator

Scheduled to launch in early 2024, Paul Hastings’ Fintech Regulatory Accelerator will provide an initial cohort of early stage Fintech innovators with a high-level overview of critical regulatory considerations for building successful Fintech businesses, and facilitate creation of a support network for those innovators. The program will cover Fintech structuring and financing, building regulatory compliant and resilient business models, and strategic commercial transactions and execution strategies and culminate in an innovators showcase event.

Fintech IPO Bootcamp

Scheduled to launch in early 2024, Paul Hastings’ inaugural Fintech IPO Bootcamp is designed to guide Fintechs through the IPO planning process. The bootcamp will include a series of web-based workshops led by Paul Hastings partners across practice groups and several industry partners to bring together similarly situated companies as they tackle their IPO journey. Topics will include:

  • What companies should be thinking about in the 12-15 months prior to starting the IPO process;
  • How to engage with third party independent public accountants, and what to expect from a financial statement and financial modeling perspective;
  • The IPO timeline and process overview, including how to navigate the accompanying Fintech regulatory overlay;
  • IPO disclosure and back-up overview;
  • Special issues in guiding Fintechs through underwriter acceptance and the SEC review process;
  • IPO-related executive compensation matters;
  • What to expect as a public company from a corporate governance, SEC reporting and disclosure perspective;
  • Investment banking insights; and
  • Much, much more.

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