Institutional Investors

In today’s global marketplace, institutional investors play an increasingly active role in both investment funds and fund transactional matters. Paul Hastings’ multi-disciplinary team has a range of experience helping institutional investors navigate legal, tax, and regulatory issues that arise in deploying capital across geographies and asset classes.

Advising Institutional Investors around the Globe

With one of the most sophisticated practices and deep experience on both the institutional investor and the funds side, we offer a unique perspective on the elements of closing such transactions. As strategic legal and business partners, we are dedicated to advising our clients on their investments in investment funds, separately managed accounts, co-investments, and secondary fund transactions.

Bespoke Tax and Regulatory Advice

Institutional investors face unique tax and regulatory challenges in structuring their investments. Paul Hastings has extensive experience in advising corporations, pension funds, endowments, insurance companies, funds of funds, sovereign wealth funds, and registered funds on the highly specific issues that each face in making global investments.

We regularly represent clients across the United States, Europe, Asia, and Latin America on their investments. Our tax and regulatory teams work seamlessly across our network of international offices, providing tailored advice that enables our clients to maximize investment returns and structure multi-jurisdictional transactions.

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