Launching the Paul Hastings Report on Navigating New Paths to Growth – with guest speaker Professor Carlo Pier Padoan, Chairman Designate of UniCredit

Monday, March 15 12:00 PM EDT to 1:15 PM EDT


We are delighted to share with you our latest thought leadership and invite you to two webinars where we'll be discussing the findings of our research into the levers that businesses have at their disposal – and how they are using them – to navigate new paths to growth.

Please click here to download a copy of the report and click here to sign-up to our webinars:

On 15 March, Professor Carlo Pier Padoan, Chairman Designate of UniCredit will share his perspective on the economic environment, and the opportunities and challenges he sees for business growth as we plan beyond the pandemic.

His keynote will be followed by a Paul Hastings panel discussion on liquidity, cost management, reimagining the world of work, and sector spotlights on growth in financial services and TMET.

Our report and webinar topics are based on interviews conducted with senior business and legal executives in the second half of last year, and a number of roundtables in the fourth quarter.

The findings tell a story of resilience and agility, and we conclude each chapter with the actions we suggest for continuing on the path to growth.

We hope you find the report insightful, and that you will join us for one or both of our webinars.

To see a video presentation click here.


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