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ABA Section of International’s 2014 Fall Meeting

Friday, October 24 07:00 AM BST to 08:00 AM BST

Nowhere to Hide: Leveling the Playing Field & Recent Developments in Anti-Corruption Law Around the World

In an ever more interconnected world in which a financial crisis, environmental disaster, or unemployment in one country may greatly impact the stability of countries on the other side of the world, there is a 'new normal' to which lawyers must adapt and learn.  Part of the new normal includes efforts related to anti-corruption developments taking place around the world.  What used to be 'business as usual' may no longer be the case as new laws are implemented in countries criminalizing bribery and as the United States reaches further afield in enforcing its Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.  

Are these new laws genuinely tackling anti-corruption and level the playing field or are they being used for selective prosecution of only the deepest pocketed players?  Join us as we analyze and debate the Anti-Corruption Regime 2.0.

Paul Hastings partner Tom O'Brien serves as Program Chair for this event.

For additional information and to register, visit http://ww5.aievolution.com/aba1402/

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