Junior Professionals Workouts Webinar

Thursday, June 11 3:00 PM EDT to 4:00 PM EDT


Please join members from the Paul Hastings Real Estate Finance team on Thursday, June 11th as they discuss key considerations for workouts including:

  • Pre-Negotiation Agreements including when a PNA is necessary and negotiated provisions.

  • Reservation of Rights Letters and Default Notices including purpose, when to send, and the nature of the default.

  • Forbearance Agreements including purpose, when the forbearance terminates, and important negotiated provisions.

  • Status of Loan in the Secondary Market including repurchase facilities, CLOs, securitization trusts, and how these affect workout possibilities and the process of modifying a loan.

  • Relevance to COVID-19 Crisis & Common Loan Modifications including modified LIBOR floors, waiver of certain reserve requirements and permitting SBA loans.

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