The Return to Hospitality

Friday, May 08 2:00 PM EDT to 3:00 PM EDT


COVID-19 struck at a time when the hospitality supply was already greater than the demand. As 2020 began, the Coronavirus brought global travel to a halt. By March 16, 2020, shelter-in-place orders began rolling out across the United States—removing the available workforce and effectively bringing an end to travel.

Our webinar focused on the hospitality industry preparing for the return of workers and guests to their facilities as these orders are loosened and lifted. Impacted by COVID-19, the hospitality industry faces uncertainty as the level of demand and efficiency and cost of required operational changes. As owners and hotel managers plan to reopen their hotels or increase their workforce population, they must navigate ever-changing guidance as well as federal, state, and local laws impacting their post-COVID-19 facilities.

During our webinar, we provided guidance on:

  • Preparing the Hotel and Workplace: We were joined by Shannon Magari, who discussed evolving government orders and aligning workplace safety with productivity.

  • Preparing for Employee Return to the Workplace: We discussed some of the legal issues presented as you plan for the return of employees—including union-related issues.

  • Preparing for Unique Claims: We discussed potential theories of liability presented by COVID-19 and the return of employees and guests to the hotel and the workplace.

Featured Speakers:

Elena Baca
Partner, Paul Hastings

Lauren Giovannone
Partner, Paul Hastings

Zachary Hutton
Partner, Paul Hastings

Rick Kirkbride
Partner, Paul Hastings

Shannon Magari
ScD, MS, MPH,Principal and Vice PresidentHealth Sciences, Colden Corporation

Peter Meier
Partner, Paul Hastings

Sara Kalis
Of Counsel, Paul Hastings

Ira Klein
Associate, Paul Hastings

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Employment Law

Hospitality and Leisure


Image: Elena R. Baca
Elena R. Baca

Partner, Employment Law Department

Image: Zach P. Hutton
Zach P. Hutton

Partner, Employment Law Department

Image: Rick S. Kirkbride
Rick S. Kirkbride

Partner, Real Estate Department

Image: Peter C. Meier
Peter C. Meier

Partner, Litigation Department

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