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January 29, 2021

By Jean Aimé Kounga, Nuno Gouveia and João Gama Gonçalves

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Disability legislation introduced regarding protection and promotion

The Government of Cameroon approved the Decree nº 2018/6233/PM, of 26 July 2018, for the implementation of Law no. 2010/002, of 13 April 2010, on the Protection and Promotion of Disabled People. This statute promotes the education and professional training of disabled persons, setting up training centres adapted to disabled persons and establishes some preferential treatment of disabled persons on vocational training and on jobs specifically created by the State or international organisations.


Vocational training becomes a national priority

Law no. 2018/010 which came into force on 11 July 2018, imposes obligations in relation to vocational training on the State of Cameroon to establish general guidelines and ensuring the guidelines on vocational training is in the two official languages (French and English). Continuous vocational training is also covered by this statute, which means that when a worker benefits from training, it may be agreed that the worker must remain employed for a given period based on the vocational training provided or in respect of further training costs.


New legislation regarding apprenticeships

Without prejudice to the application of provisions of the Cameroon Labour Code, Law nº 2018/10, of 11 July 2018 established a new regime whereby no person below the age of fourteen may be engaged under an apprenticeship agreement or scheme, and the apprenticeship manager must be aged at least 21 years with no criminal record.

With thanks to Jean Aimé Kounga of The Abeng Law Firm and Nuno Gouveia and João Gama Gonçalves of Miranda & Associados for their invaluable collaboration on this update.


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