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February 08, 2021

By Dino Santaniello 

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Decree on Occupational Safety and Health

The Government of Laos recently issued a Decree on Occupational Safety and Health, which reiterates a number of mandatory rules set out under the Law on Labor. These include requirements for:

  • a health inspection and a safety risk assessment to be performed once a year;
  • training on health and safety measures once a year;
  • entities with more than 50 employees to have a doctor on site;
  • a mandatory first aid kit for companies of any size; and
  • at least one first aid worker, who has received proper training from a certified structure, and a Safety and Health Unit comprised of a representative of the employer, a representative of the employees, and a person designated to be in charge of safety and health issues.

The Decree also provides a number of additional rights to employees that were not previously stipulated, such as:

  • the right to ask their employer to establish good working conditions in terms of health and safety measures;
  • the right to ask their employer to provide them with a suitable position when they return from treatment after an occupational accident;
  • the right to receive information to help prevent practices that may lead to dangerous situations;
  • the right to refuse to undertake work that may be considered too dangerous to the health and life of employees; and
  • the right to report an employer to the labor authorities, if they do not follow adhere to relevant labor laws and regulations, and/or if there are any relevant occupational and/or safety issues.
With thanks to Dino Santaniello of Tilleke & Gibbins for his invaluable collaboration on this update.


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