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PH Data Analytics

December 13, 2020

By Paul Hastings Professional


eDiscovery and Data Science

We support our clients with the legal industry’s leading eDiscovery and Data Science team, comprised of PhD mathematicians, computer and data scientists, and eDiscovery professionals with deep experience in data analytics, statistical engineering, and machine learning.

Drawing on our knowledge of these disciplines, we have developed PH Data Analytics, a unique approach incorporating some of the most advanced and sophisticated techniques in the world. This enables us to offer our clients more innovative, effective, and cost-efficient solutions than those offered by other law firms, vendors, and consultants.

Our Innovative Process

We have created an innovative approach that directly incorporates our legal teams’ knowledge of their matters into the search process to more rapidly and effectively extract significant information from large document sets. Drawing on our Data Science team’s capabilities in computer science, we have leveraged our own software and open source tools with advanced machine learning techniques and statistical analysis to devise solutions that are unrivaled in the legal industry.

Our process utilizes the latest in semantic modeling techniques and even with relatively few significant documents we can more accurately and efficiently identify relevant information than traditional eDiscovery approaches and large contract attorney reviews.

Advantages for Our Clients

Our approach offers our clients advantages in accuracy, speed, and efficiency during the course of litigation, regulatory enforcement matters, and investigations. Our reduced reliance on contract attorneys lowers the total cost of representation and provides a more attractive value proposition for our clients.

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