Paul Hastings Launches PH Ignite, Its New Online Resource for the Emerging Growth Company Space

August 06, 2018


New York - Paul Hastings LLP, a leading global law firm, announced today the launch of PH Ignite, a new website for the emerging growth company space aimed at helping today’s spark of inspiration become tomorrow’s industry standard. The proprietary offering provides tools, insights, and resources (including a document generator to facilitate the creation of various documents most typically utilized by early-stage companies) to help founders, startups, and emerging growth companies ignite their ideas and scale their businesses.

“We’ve long partnered with innovative founders, startups, and emerging growth companies to help them accelerate their businesses and manage their growth at every stage—from formation to financing, from operations to exit,” said Scott Oross, a partner in the Emerging Growth Company practice. “Now, through PH Ignite, we’re able to offer another suite of tools to those individuals and companies to address their unique business needs.”

PH Ignite arrives out of Paul Hastings’ robust Emerging Growth Company practice at a time when the increasingly-relaxed regulatory environment, record-setting levels of available capital, and growing proliferation of shared workspaces have combined to create an exceedingly favorable landscape for today’s founders, startups, and emerging growth companies. Designed to be highly attuned to all of those factors and their importance to the overall emerging growth company space, the site includes not only tools for companies to launch, protect, and grow their ideas, but also insights from Paul Hastings lawyers on the opportunities and challenges that those companies face and the ways in which they can best navigate paths to success.

PH Ignite is yet another extension of Paul Hastings’ long-standing commitment to supporting and assisting the founders, startups, and emerging growth companies across all industries that are imagining and building our future.  Whether closing a convertible debt financing or preferred stock round, negotiating a strategic collaboration or joint patent licensing program, or preparing for a sale or IPO, companies at all stages routinely rely on the experience, expertise, and practical mindset of Paul Hastings lawyers to guide them both as advisors and partners in all of their business pursuits.

For more information on PH Ignite, visit www.phignite.com.

Paul Hastings is a leading global law firm with a strong presence throughout Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the United States. Through a collaborative approach, entrepreneurial spirit, and commitment to client service, the professionals of Paul Hastings deliver innovative solutions to many of the world’s top financial institutions and Fortune 500 companies.

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