Paul Hastings Wins 2015 Innovator Award from The Recorder

December 07, 2015

Paul Hastings LLP, a leading global law firm, announced today that it has been recognized by The Recorder in the publication’s

 in the “Incubators” category. In selecting the winners in this category, The Recorder aimed to identify “the organizations and institutions that, by design or happenstance, have launched or implemented a series of new ideas.”


, the publication highlights the firm’s 20-person data science team, as well as its New Partner Executive Education Program—a coaching program modeled on C-suite leadership programs—as examples of the “innovation pushes” that the firm has made in developing algorithms and people.

In discussing the data science team, the article noted that the team’s results have been as much as “1,000 times more effective than your average keyword-or predictive coding-based e-discovery,” and also cited the team’s use of “machine learning techniques like entity extraction and metadata comparison” to develop “a powerful sentiment analysis algorithm to search an enormous number of documents.”

In discussing the firm’s New Partner Executive Education Program, The Recorder notes that the program “teach[es] the skills new partners didn't learn in law school—like leadership, business development and strategic thinking,” while “push[ing] new partners to put themselves under the microscope, making them identify both their ‘superpowers’ and their weaknesses.”

At Paul Hastings, our purpose is clear — to help our clients and people navigate new paths to growth. With a strong presence throughout Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the U.S., Paul Hastings is recognized as one of the world’s most innovative global law firms.

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